Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why you do that?

I woke my sweet peas up this morning.  I hated to sneak into that dark room that smelled like pee pee diapers and sweet baby smell combined.  But I had to give them love before heading off to school.  I love their smell in the morning (strange, I know)!    I woke up Mary Kate first.  Her hair all frizzed and wavy, she crawled into my lap and the conversation began.

Mary Kate -"Mommy, you go to work today?"
Me-"Yes, sweetie."
Mary Kate-"Why you do that?"
Me-"So mommy can teach kids."
Mary Kate-"Why you do that?"
Me-"So I can make money to buy you things.  Like food and toys."
Mary Kate-"And my blankie, and my babies, and my princesses?"
Charlie wakes up!
Charlie-"and batman toys and grapes and oranges."
Mary Kate-"and chocolate cake."
Me-"Yes, loveys, that is why I go to work.  I love you both so much."

So, another day at school.  My classroom is ready, working on planning.  As my principal says, "Failing to plan is planning to fail."  I got to work a few extra hours today.  Nick took Charlie boy on his first overnight canoe trip on the river.  The boys are camping and Mary Kate gets a sleepover with her Mimi!  It is very strange to be in my house alone with my dog.  It has been a long time, it is very nice and very quiet.  Have I mentioned how blessed we are.  I try and tell myself that everyday.  
PS-Nick got a job, Yeah!  Life is moving back into more of a routine but I know that it was a true blessing that Nick got time to stay home with our babies.  A time that he nor they will ever forget.  

Helping Daddy!

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  1. So cute Krista! So, you work for oranges, blankies and batman toys--wonder what I'll be working for in a few years?! Also, hello gorgeous blue-eyed big girl!