Saturday, November 24, 2012


We shared a wonderful Thanksgiving with family members and delicious food.  I cooked my first turkey.  Correction, we (Nick) cooked our first turkey. The turkey was perfect! Everything was perfect!  Running the kitchen on Thanksgiving is hectic and it doesn't help to have too many hands in the kitchen.  At one point I wanted to clear everyone out, even though I know they meant well.  We feasted, drank wine, played games by the fire and enjoyed every minute!

We hit some hurdles with a cast and crutches (broken growth plate in his big toe), three cases of strep throat including myself and an allergic reaction to penicillin (Charlie boy).  Phew, glad that is all over!

Charlie didn't want to miss his Thanksgiving feast at school and of course his orthopedic appointment was scheduled during the feast. said he could remove the cast.  Hilarious!!!!! I think it was traumatic for all of us but he still has a foot!!