Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7 year old Ninjago

My boy, my sweet ninjago obsessed little seven year old.  This never ending celebration of Charlie's birthday was a success.  It began with the handmade ninja pinata!  I need to find a happy medium between store bought, impossible to break open pinatas and handmade bust open on the 4th whack kind of pinatas.  Regardless, the ninja head was "epic"! This party rocked, between the "Eye-Spy the Lego Guy", "Lego Man Hunt" and the individual little packs of legos, the kids had a blast! Charlie's friends were so generous to add to his pile of legos that would soon turn into what we call in this house a several hour "Lego Coma".  I loved seeing my boy so happy and he was so kind to include a little girl for his sister.  Lillian and Mary Kate kept each other company and content among all the boys.  My mom was there to witness again another party and was a huge help.  Charlie's birthday on the 6th brought almost a foot of snow and this little guy's wish came true, a day home from school!!

Happy Birthday my sweet little buddy.  I love your drive, your passion and all of your obsessions.  I love that you dive head first into everything you love.  I love the way your mind works and how your wheels are always turning.  I love that you don't settle for "just because".  I love your hugs, I love you more than anything.