Wednesday, July 29, 2009

self portrait day

summer update

why not make snowflakes in the summer?
in two days it will be august and when I think about that, i have pit in my stomach. as i was driving today, i noticed the rolling hills that surround us and took a deep breath. i know it does not do any good worrying about that first day back to work, thinking about the little moments during the day i will miss with my babies, napping, actually having time to read a book, making pancakes on a wednesday mornings and managing household chores. however, there are days that i long for our routine and schedule and i think the kids do too! sooo, i am glad i got that off my chest.
as for the summer so far, soooo great! we have had some craft time and personal craft time (thanks to naps). we had a month of violin lessons that went sour real fast. i think when your three year old hides behind the instructors couch and then throws his shoes at her vase, it's time to get the hell out of there. needless to say, there will no longer be violin lessons, just playing for fun (maybe next summer). however, captain hook loved his sports camp (shocker) 3 hours of running, jumping, hitting and screaming. tinker bell has learned to say, "i want my charlie" and has a real talent for destroying my laptop (hence no capital letters, i no longer have a shift key).
in two weeks we will be heading to lake erie to spend a week with my family on kelley's island. a much needed vacation for us all, especially peter pan. our peter pan certainly hasn't grown up in many aspects of his life but he certainly works his hiney off everyday.
my near future creations for the school year. an attempt to make some hand-made montessori inspired materials for my kindergarten classes and very possibly a hawaiian skirt (you'll see why on a later post).
enjoy your day!

Friday, July 24, 2009


lilly pads at Meadow Lark Botanical gardens
a tinker bell mermaid
captain hook setting sail on his pirate ship
fresh raspberries hand picked by captain hook, tinker bell and peter pan
lillies hand picked by peter pan for his and wendy's 7 year anniversary
so many wild things that fill our days. if you are wondering why the reference to peter pan characters... well... that fills our days too. each character represents each of us perfectly. I just wish some days I could fly to neverland. until next time!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a Joy!!!

a fabulous little surprise was in my mailbox today. full of joy, with love from Joy, and pure loveliness. thank you Joy. how perfect is this for me! I love it, I love it, I love it! Captain Hook wanted to borrow it. you have once again inspired me. happy summer days.
Love, Krista

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

what's better than...

your first violin!
a dairy free zucchini birthday cake made with love by Mimi!
a bow and red shoes!
your first firework experience!
so far this summer has been full of many firsts and I love them!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More than just a neighbor

some people have these gentle souls and calming sense about them. my dear friend Nicole has that soul. not only can she heal negative energy and body pain (amazing massage therapist/reiki in training) but she can paint some lovely toes. yes, now that is a true friend. whether it's a need for a cheers, listening ear, body/mental therapy or even my toes painted, I can count on this gentle soul. Nicole, I am ever so grateful our paths have crossed!

Saturday, July 4, 2009 I love my sister...

My sister Kelly came to visit last weekend, bringing with her a dear husband, golden tan and energy! I had more fun with Kelly and Doug than I have had in a long time! There is just something about sharing your home and a taste of your own life with someone you once shared a home with and a life! I long for her to live next door but soaked in every moment we had together on this long weekend. Some of the highlights included..
Washington Nationals baseball game Hot and quick tour of our Nation's Capitol Bluegrass, Bear's Den and Breaux (vineyard) Lots of laughs, cheers and a few tears before heading back to Ohio. I love you Kell!