Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wordle and Glogster

My summer days have been so well spent.  This summer I made a conscious effort to not over schedule my kids with activities.  I am also trying not to over schedule myself.  I am up for re-certification of my teaching license and while it has been adding to my plate, I have learned about some pretty amazing new tech trinkets.  Wordle and Glogster were introduced this week in my online class.  Glogster is the new way of creating posters online.  Remember buying poster board to finish school projects?  Well, today kids can simply access Glogster and digitally create a poster for classroom assignments. I will show you first hand the effects of Wordle at the end of this post.  In between pool time, I have been able to create some useful items for my upcoming school year!
Click below to view my Wordle of this blog post and my first Glogster Poster!

MY Wordle

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Outdoor Kitchen!


Our outdoor kitchen inspired by
turned out to be a hit!  The kids washed dishes and Mary Kate proceeded to wash the windows with the baster!  That's my girl!  I love free and easy ideas!  Thanks!