Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seven Pics from Seven Springs!

A great weekend spent with my dad, Bonnie and Michael.  We met halfway at Seven Springs Resort.  A cozy little place in the middle of nowhere.  A getaway with a cool breeze, alpine slides, 3 pools, putt-putt golf and great food.  Seeing my dad with his grandchildren was priceless and both kids warmed up to Papa Don quickly.  Dad has always made me laugh with his jokes and sound effects and this weekend was filled with laughter and smiles from everyone!
Of course, there were also several "talks" had with one 4 year old in particular.  Man has he become mouthy these days.  A few time outs and trips to the bathroom helped shape him up a bit. ugggghhh!
Alpine slides!Our little girl suffered from the pollen on the mountain.  By Saturday night her eyes ball were like golf balls.  Poor baby!! Darn Ragweed.  Any tips for that??
Our Papa Don
"Old school Amish style haystacks"
Making happy memories with family means the world to me.  Thank you Dad for a great weekend.  
We love you!

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  1. Love the alpine slides! Sorry to see little Patey's eyes though. Looks like TLC from mama always works. Hope to see you before the station starts again.