Friday, January 13, 2012

Does she see dead people?

So my girl is a little obsessed with death.  In fact, both my children are very curious about dying.  Mary Kate has mentioned random people mostly men that she sees in odd places for sometime.  There was the man that stood by her window in the red shirt (at the old house).  Now there is a man that she has seen at her preschool that "helps the people to not die".  Last night she asked if dead people wear clothes.  She said    "When I die, I do not want clothes.  I want to show everyone my boobies."  Hmmmm.

I then proceeded to have a conversation with Charlie about why E.T. was all dried out when he died.  He asked if dogs get all dried out like E.T. when the die.  That led to the dreaded question, "What will happen to me and Mary Kate if you and daddy die?".  I assured him that there are so many people that love him (did not mention that it is all taken care of in our will that Aunt Kelly and Uncle Doug will get him and MK).  I made sure to start with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Doug.  His response, "Oh yeah, they are nice.  I know them. Uncle Doug is really good at changing tires".  LOL!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

Instead of wishing what this new year will bring, I wish to bring this new year...
a frugal lifestyle 
more love for the outdoors
down time
more time spent educating my own children
showing more gratitude toward the people I love!