Saturday, September 25, 2010


You know those Mastercard commercials... 10 dollars for a leotard, 5 dollars for tights and ballet shoes, 1 day off work.  Taking your daughter to her first ballet class....PRICELESS! 

Always has her tongue hanging out!!  Love it!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


my morning coffee
my husband
dinners with my family ("was yur best of day Mommy" says Mary Kate)
microdry bath rugs
when my kids sneak a letter/picture into the mailbox before I get home

my broken pinky toe
lack of planning time in kindergarten
stink bugs
that my clothes are still too tight

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fair Time

Charlie's award winning self portrait!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Last week was pretty much a blur (first week teaching Kindergarten), but I managed to have some clear blog-worthy memories.  I have been trying to introduce sight words to Charlie.  He seems eager to sound out words and make up sentences and stories.  I began with the simple words

I     can     see    the   ....

He immediately made a connection to the word can.  "Like we have beans in a can, mommy".  Well.... not that kind of can. So, here he goes, he touches each words and reads, "I...(pause)...bucket see the jet."  We both look at each other confused.  "Charlie, where is the word bucket?  That is the word, can.  Try again." Ok, so here he goes again.  "I...(pause)...bucket see the jet." uggghhhh.  "No buddy, that is the word can."
He says, "But mommy, a bucket is like a can."

Ok, so maybe he isn't quite ready to read but we will keep plugging away.  Charlie was also wondering when he would be a baby again.  Then he said, "I know.  When I go to heaven, I will come back as a baby again."  You just might be right Charlie boy.

Mary Kate has managed to master all her colors, except she confuses white with brown. Hmmmm. And I love that she calls the kitchen  "the chicken".  She still remains to be a pretty happy and laid back little girl. She doesn't wear a lot of heavy emotions on her sleeve.  She feels it and lets it go.  She most certainly did not get that from me!

Nick and I had a great date night at Notaviva Vineyards (Music Festival) and dinner out at Magnolia's.  Our sweet, mature and responsible little babysitter had the kids asleep by 8:15, made them eat all their dinner before they had a popsicle and still managed to get all her homework done.  Nice night had by all!  BTW-my man was lookin' real good in his new Gap jeans

Another week ahead!

few picks from daddy and son camping trip!  Breakfast of champions, chocolate doughnuts and bacon.

PS-I am loving this cool weather!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rockets and More

"Mommy, I saw 6 rockets and they went upside down and they were so loud and I got a rocket just like them and it says United States of America!!!!!!"

Charlie had an unforgettable day with is Mimi and Grandaddy at the 
"Thunder over the Blue Ridge" air show!