Friday, June 14, 2013

"Ketchup" time

Sorry for the lack of posts (especially for Papa).  Life got a hold of me once again.  To wrap up our spring:
Baseball was a "hit" charlie made some plays, hits some doubles and learned how to eat sunflower seeds.
Dance was adorable as ever and Mary Kate has no intentions of giving it up.  However, she did express interest in soccer.  There is some hope!
Our little preschool graduate received "Most Fashionable" for preschool.  Our little diva will be heading to kindergarten in the fall dressed in her best!
Nick and I continue to be slaves to our home and are always trying our best to make our happy home more suitable to our needs.  Leaking roof and all!!
Last year/This year

 Last year...

MK before the big haircut!!

last year/this year

 How could I forget Charlie's Oscar night on the red carpet. Great fundraiser for first grade!!

They love posing for pics!!  Thanks bro!