Thursday, May 28, 2009

lovely moments

My husband is really great at creating lovely moments and embracing them. I tend to love the moments and then unconciously and quickly forget them and do not embrace them. Or I get wrapped up in a negative moment and I am unable to relax and enjoy. I am hoping that by blogging those lovely moments that my soul will focus on the good of the day. Visiting Skyline Caverns. Charlie in a cave exploring with his family!
Playing with Patey and sharing his fireman hat!
Riding in our Big Blue '71 Blazer with the the top down.
Eating our first very own lettuce from our corner garden! All these moments put a smile on my face!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hit the floor and keep on running

5am- shower, dress, make coffee
secret-I go to bed getting really excited about my coffee in the morning
530, me time, kiss my hubby good-bye, blog
secret-my favorite kiss of the day from hubby is at 545 am
6, good morning world
secret-I love kissing my kids when they are still asleep
7, on the road with 2 babes, Diego or Calliou
secret-my favorite thing in the car is Patey dancing and bopping her head
730, welcome first grade
secret-first grade smiles are the best (toothless)
9, teaching of reading
secret-there is no other feeling like watching a child absorb and understand what he has read
11, teaching of math
secret-hands-on is the only way
20 minute lunch
145 breathe a little
400 home with my kids
secret-sometimes I don't mind a rainy day, lounge inside and play trains or puzzles

530 dinner rush secret-taco night is my favorite with Margaritas or beer

7-8 bedtime routine secret-my snuggle time is precious, but I am certain that my 3 year old knows how to"work me"

8 my time, nick time, reading, blogging, crafting, vegging

930 asleep sad, I know!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Mother's Day is a day to reflect, remember, relax, realize, reclaim, recognize, reason, relate, refresh, regret and rejoice. I feel that these words ring true for all that are children or mothers. Those who have lost a mom or long to be a mom. I love my mom with my whole heart. I get to tell her that pretty much every day at 7am on my way to work. I don't get to tell her thank you enough! Mom, here are a few things I am thankful for... teaching me how to sew allowing me to dress myself for school picture day never forcing me to do anything I didn't want to do or eat saving things from my childhood my siblings my beautiful wedding visiting Virginia despite your busy work schedule driving to Va from Cincinnati when I was in early labor with Mary Kate answering your phone, even when you are in a meeting (always) letting me cry laughing with us Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you Kristy

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The Pajama blanket is done. Not much of a quilter but Charlie loved it. He asked, "Can we have a picnic on the lizard side Mommy?" So we ate crackers on the lizard blanket. The picnic with Patey was sweeter than the blanket!
The second sweet treat was completing the novel, Charlottes Web to my first grade class. My favorite quote, "friendship is one of the most satisfying things in the world. " We celebrated by watching the amazing new version of this book on DVD.