Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Party

The rain held off for all of us to enjoy a fun filled day.  Chili, pumpkins, apples, chips, popcorn, country ham, Octoberfest Sam Adams, and a featured film!  I love this party, I love the excitement on the kids' faces when they scoop the gooey guts of the pumpkin, chase eachother in the leaves and while voting for the spookiest-goofiest-most creative-classic pumpkin! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I feel like I prepare for a lot of things and a lot of preparation seems to be involved in each one.  However, when the event takes place everything has gone well.  We have been preparing Mary Kate for a colonoscopy and endoscopy the last four days (not pretty) and yesterday was the big day.  All went well and our little girl is truly a fighter and one tough cookie.  Running on tip-toes to the surgery room, decorating her "sleepy mask" with stickers, wanting to run/walk to the car all by herself, eating a hamburger for dinner, nothing seemed to phase her.  Yesterday, as we were driving home after picking up Charlie from Mimi's and we were listening to the kids in the back seat arguing about how Patey is not big yet and she begged to differ.  We both laughed and N asked me if the thought ever occurred to me (knowing the risks of surgery and possibly the worst outcome of results) what would happen to Charlie if he lost his sister.  It sounds dark, but yes, the thought would occasionally creep up on me and then I would push it out of my head.  I told N that I have been praying a lot.  Putting my faith in God and my savior and giving them my worries.  I feel that I have learned to not ask God for anything, but to pray to him to bring me peace and the people I love peace in whatever comes our way.  I don't think he has control over what the outcome may be, but God can certainly take away fear, pain and suffering.  As far as the outcome for Patey Girl, swollen Lymphnodes that, at this point, are not abnormal.  We will slowly reintroduce dairy and Mama will make her a delicious-full-of-dairy Birthday Cake with ice cream on November 2nd!

Other preparations that have taken place...
Pumpkin Carving Party this Saturday (featuring, carving, Chili, Movie showing "Great Pumpkin  Charlie Brown", and bobbinng for apples)
Pirate bedroom decor for Captain Hook himself
Numerous assessments in Kindergarten for upcoming conferences ( can you sort by size, shape and color, then graph it?)
Patey turns 2, shopping at yard sales and thrift stores for gently used toys.  Found a great shopping cart for her down the street at a yard sale.  She is going to love it!

preparing for fall fires

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Autumn Adventures

October Fest, Harper's Ferry, West Virginia
We stayed at a our friend's cottage just down the road.  Check out the webstie!

The Waterford Fair is a favorite for everyone!  Thank you Mimi for the gift of our timeless Silhouettes.  The kids loved being serenaded by two colonial musicians.  It was a beautiful day!
This past weekend, N and the kids went to see the Morvan Park Steeplechase.  A family tradition for years!  A brisk Autumn day, food and winnings.  I spent the day at Heidi's celebration of life memorial service.  I have never felt so blessed to be apart of a funeral.  Heidi spoke words through a written passage that confirmed and revived my faith in God. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Perched on a Whim

A very special young girl lost her battle to cancer at 27.  Heidi fought for 7 long years but in the midst of her fight she found love for a husband, love for crafting and love for children.  Her blog was inspiring to me and many others.  Her smile was contagious and her style eccentric and unique to who she was.  I am so blessed to have known her for a very short time but only wish I could have come to know her better.  Her family and loved ones are hurting right now and my heart is so sad for them.  I am sure God is hearing a lot of WHY's right now.  So, my prayer for Heidi's family is to find peace and comfort in their hearts and know that they were so blessed to know an amazing young woman.  Heidi, may you rest in peace, craft in heaven and guide children from above. Please take a look at her blog "Perched on  a Whim" found on my side bar and see what a wonderful life Heidi had in this world!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Just a few ideas I have been stealing from catalogues.  Fancy smancy catalogues that have items I will never be able to afford.  However, I can afford to steal their ideas and make them my own.  Check out these links of what is in store for the next few holidays!
A note from Santa

Autumn Fairy
The Autumn Fairy will hopefully happen.  If not this year, next year!

Happy October!  I love this month.  My sister Kelly's birthday, pumpkin carving party, soups, fall festivals!!