Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why you do that?

I woke my sweet peas up this morning.  I hated to sneak into that dark room that smelled like pee pee diapers and sweet baby smell combined.  But I had to give them love before heading off to school.  I love their smell in the morning (strange, I know)!    I woke up Mary Kate first.  Her hair all frizzed and wavy, she crawled into my lap and the conversation began.

Mary Kate -"Mommy, you go to work today?"
Me-"Yes, sweetie."
Mary Kate-"Why you do that?"
Me-"So mommy can teach kids."
Mary Kate-"Why you do that?"
Me-"So I can make money to buy you things.  Like food and toys."
Mary Kate-"And my blankie, and my babies, and my princesses?"
Charlie wakes up!
Charlie-"and batman toys and grapes and oranges."
Mary Kate-"and chocolate cake."
Me-"Yes, loveys, that is why I go to work.  I love you both so much."

So, another day at school.  My classroom is ready, working on planning.  As my principal says, "Failing to plan is planning to fail."  I got to work a few extra hours today.  Nick took Charlie boy on his first overnight canoe trip on the river.  The boys are camping and Mary Kate gets a sleepover with her Mimi!  It is very strange to be in my house alone with my dog.  It has been a long time, it is very nice and very quiet.  Have I mentioned how blessed we are.  I try and tell myself that everyday.  
PS-Nick got a job, Yeah!  Life is moving back into more of a routine but I know that it was a true blessing that Nick got time to stay home with our babies.  A time that he nor they will ever forget.  

Helping Daddy!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Date Night

It was Nick's turn to pick date night.  Last time I chose movie night.  We started our summer evening in big blue, not thrilled (this car just scares me) but was loving the pockets of cool and warm air on the way home! Had dinner out and then checked out the new casinos in Charlestown.  I am so glad we both hate to gamble, we just like to people watch and see the horses race.  Instead of betting dollars, we bet massages.  Yes, my #7 horse won! Whoohooo!  Thank you to Mimi and Granddaddy for free babysitting and making our date nights possible. Marriage survival 101- go on dates!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It has begun...

The excessive teacher thoughts that bring a mild tightening of my chest and back muscles.  The back to school shopping, spending money on new clothes because the old ones are too tight and money on classroom materials.  I keep thinking one day I will have all I need for my classroom and I will be old enough that I wont care what my clothes look like.  Naaaa, that will never happen.  It has begun, and  I am trying to savor every part of my last days of summer and squeeze in as many naps as possible!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Down by the Bay

Another amazing weekend.  This one took place at the Chesapeake Bay.  Nick's old buddy has a family cottage on the water and it is everything a summer cottage should be!  Our pal was nice enough to invite us and the kids to hang for the weekend.  The kids all got along great, the boys splashed, jumped, raced, swam and ran...the whole time! I got to finish my summer read, #2 Catching Fire (The Hunger Games) and now I am hungry for more!  Mockingjay is released next week and I already have it pre-ordered on Amazon.  Back to the bay, we had perfect weather.  Dad's got to fish and the crab pots caught 46 crabs!  Oh, Nicky was in heaven.  Turns out Charlie loves crab too.  However, on the way home he informed us that he was allergic to Lobster.  Apparently they make him cough, who knew?  So my children love to swim in the ocean and play in the sand.  I am so glad we had the opportunity to fulfill this love for them.  Thank you to our pals! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friends for life!

I had the chance to meet up with my best college friend Kelly and her sweet little girls, Kendall and Riley!  Man I am glad her sister still lives in the area or I just may not see her as much.  However, we talk on the phone weekly so we are certainly not missing any details of our lives! While her two sweet little girls sat so patiently in the stroller and ate quietly at the restaurant, my two rambunctious children terrorized every place we entered (sigh).  In the midst of all the chaos, we managed to catch up and have conversations about then, now and the future.  Kelly, I cherish our friendship.  Thank you for always being there for me and listening with unconditional love!  

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Seven Pics from Seven Springs!

A great weekend spent with my dad, Bonnie and Michael.  We met halfway at Seven Springs Resort.  A cozy little place in the middle of nowhere.  A getaway with a cool breeze, alpine slides, 3 pools, putt-putt golf and great food.  Seeing my dad with his grandchildren was priceless and both kids warmed up to Papa Don quickly.  Dad has always made me laugh with his jokes and sound effects and this weekend was filled with laughter and smiles from everyone!
Of course, there were also several "talks" had with one 4 year old in particular.  Man has he become mouthy these days.  A few time outs and trips to the bathroom helped shape him up a bit. ugggghhh!
Alpine slides!Our little girl suffered from the pollen on the mountain.  By Saturday night her eyes ball were like golf balls.  Poor baby!! Darn Ragweed.  Any tips for that??
Our Papa Don
"Old school Amish style haystacks"
Making happy memories with family means the world to me.  Thank you Dad for a great weekend.  
We love you!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why Not?

Puppy love

OMG, Little "Sway" came into Caitlin and Ted's life Monday.  A honeymoon baby.  She is adorable and the kids ate her up.  Nick and I did too!!!!!!