Thursday, February 24, 2011

say what?

My latest parenting push seems to be foreign languages.  After talking with a good friend, it seems that we both feel like a second language would benefit our children.  I was inspired by a family I used to babysit in college.  There little Hannah was 3 and learning German.  They used a series called, Muzzy.   I found it entertaining and she laughed at way more German humor than I did.  Currently the kids are watching Muzzy in Mandarin Chinese.  When I told Charlie that he was going to learn a secret language called Chinese he said,
"Will I look different?"
I laughed!

Just another funny thang,
Daddy was eatin' Mary Kate up, nibble, nibble because she is so edible.  He said, "I am going to eat you up, you taste so good."
She says, "No, No Daddy, I'm not for dinner"
I laughed again!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring is here....Just kidding

Just a few pics during the few nice days in February.  Welcome back February, ice and snow today.  February is the longest shortest month of the year.

She loves that dog!
I love that little face! And man, he can hit the ball!

I love this man!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Monster Mini Golf

I was bound and determined to find indoor putt putt golf to please my almost 5 year old.  We only had to drive an hour and half up to Jessup, MD and it was glow in the dark too!  Good thing we were heading that way for Madison's birthday party. Turned out to be a hit, golf and the party.  Charlie and Mary Kate enjoyed the Princess Party.  However, I think the adults ended up with more nail polish, lipstick and blush that the kids, hahahaha.  Good times!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lovin' it

Loved this day with my dear old friend Darby and her edible little girl Avery!

If we could only get our men to move to Cleveland.

How gorgeous are they????  OMG

 Love this little thing too!