Sunday, February 14, 2016

The last six months in a nutshell

We currently have a fourth grader, second grader and 7 month old.  Life is well...hectic.  We cherish the days at home when we don't have to run to practice, games, helmet appointments and run errands. Charlie is currently obsessed with Harry Potter and casts spells on all of us.  He wants to live in England, meet Daniel Ratcliff and attend Hogwarts school for wizards.  If I could make a broomstick fly for him, I would!!  I love his passion and imagination.  He googles things like, the different grits of sandpaper, how silos work, what you call a twelve and sixteen sided figure...He devours knowledge and I am in awe of him.
I am in awe of Mary Kate ability to love life.  She has so much love and kindness to give in this world.  She has taken the role of Mason's second mom and loves him with all her heart.  Mary Kate continues to keep a positive attitude despite her challenges at school.  She keeps her spirit going and doesn't let anything get her down.  If only I could have a small dose of this. I adore her!
Mason is currently working on 2 teeth, rolling all over the place, eating everything and rounding out his head.  The helmet is working!!! He adjusted to it like champ, just like he adjusts to everything in this world with such ease. I can't wait to see Mason grow, I wonder if he will always be this easygoing!  I could just eat him up with every piece of me!

Blizzard 2016-35 inches of snow!!