Monday, June 18, 2012

Settling into summer!

We are one week into summer and loving every minute of our freedom to explore, learn, play and relax!  So far I have started each day with some sort of learning activity (poor kids have no other option with a mom as a teacher).  I have not quite put my finger on Mary Kate's learning style.  She does better with a little hold of the hand, small step away and then a hold of the hand.  She doesn't dive right into activities like her brother but once engaged she is proud to finish! Charlie on the other hand begs for more "Numbers" as he calls it and whizzes through his reading!  I have had to let go the constant mess and clutter that comes with being home but it is a lot easier to manage my home in general being home. Swim lessons will be the first two weeks and Charlie will start Piano camp next week.  The Shenandoah Conservatory Arts Academy is the best little place on the corner of Winchester for Music/Art/Theater and Dance!  I am really excited to dive into their programs this summer and then maybe continue this fall.  I thought a camp with other kids may be a motivating way to start using that right-side of the brain for my little man!

On another note:
I did not blog about MK's dance recital and mostly posted to facebook.  It was the most precious event! She is in love with being on stage, the sparkles, the flowers and the overall attention.  I don't know how long this Girly Girl thing will last, but I am loving every minute of it.  I was not Girly growing up, so it is a new world to me.  However, she does have one tough side to her.  She is constantly defending herself from her big brother! She can certainly hold her own!