Sunday, March 25, 2012

Catching up on life

We now have a six year old artist and tball player!  Charlie's 6th birthday was perfectly simple.  Redksins football was the theme and a touch of playmobile police and rescue.  The Starwars phase is beginning to move out and we are returning to good old community workers!  Nana treated our big boy and family to a memorable day at Massanutten Water Park.  I was completely out of my comfort zone, it being a lot of water and really fast slides.  But Charlie had no reservations about going down the fastest slide in the park, by himself.  Shoo-wee!  Mary Kate took about 2 hours to warm up and just as we were about to leave she braved a water slide solo!  Even Nana hit a few slides,  Thanks Nana!!!!  Charlie has seemed to hit another milestone when it comes to maturing.  While he still has a very loud voice, he is beginning to show more patience and self-control.  He is learning the art of letting younger people win even when it isn't fair and has now realized the payoff for working hard at everything he does!  I want to bottle up my sweet little 6 year old, that has all is baby teeth, still likes to hold his bear and loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy.  I want to bottle it up and never let it go.

Our elementary school Art teacher put on an adorable Art Show.  Families walked around the halls and classrooms displayed with artwork.  You and your child got to find their masterpieces and take them home.  There is something magical about kid art! Then we got sucked into the book fair of course and spent way too much money!!!  I showed support by hanging and setting up the Art Show, while Nick showed his support by stuffing himself into the Clifford The Big Red Dog costume.  Yes, he did everything but flips and cartwheels and the kids loved it!!!

 We are loving our small little community and the fact that we are just minutes even second away from all of our activities.  "The Bats" tball team hit the field.  On our way to tball Charlie asked, "Why do I need my baseball glove?  I thought I just got to hit the ball!"  LOL, really!  It looks like our little man has a lot to learn this season.

 On a side note, I am so happy to see my children playing together so nicely.  This picture was sent to me while I was getting my hair done.  Daddy was on duty and was tiling the upstairs bathroom (pics soon to come on that project).  I am so glad he had everything under control!!!