Sunday, May 22, 2011

Updates and anecdotes

"Mommy, I know where ice cubes come from....The North Pole"

"Papa?  Did it hurt when you lost all your hair?  You can really see ticks on your head!"
Papa is bald and he took it very well, LOL

Charlie is currently obsessed with superheroes and his wardrobe includes a lot of black and gray.  I am having a hard time with "character shoes" but managed to find some old chucks with Batman!  He still insists on being Batman when he grows up.  However, he still longs to be Santa.  The other day, Mary Kate and I pretended to sleep (I really did doze off) and Charlie delivered presents to us in his full santa suit.  He insisted that I wanted a suitcase from Santa and I found myself arguing with Santa about wanting a bigger bathroom.  I got a suitcase.

Mary Kate-

" I want numbers!  I want numbers!"  Mary Kate has taken a love for Dancing with the Stars.  She goes as far as performing for the family and then demanding numbers.  "I want numbers.  I want numbers!"  She is always able to get a 10 from Daddy.  Charlie and I are usually good for a 9.

She must wear dresses that spin!  She puts on at least 3 a day and usually pairs them with pants that don't match.  She then proceeds to put on shoes that don't match.  And there you have it, a clown everyday!

Still drives my wild side.  There are times that his wild ideas and spontaneity ruffle my feathers, usually does.  But he had a brilliant idea to have our first annual Kentucky Derby Party!  It was fabulous and my feathers were not ruffled.  I hit every thrift store the morning of and cleared out all of the fancy hats.  I hit the dollar store for some red roses and rose garlands!  Charlie fell in love again and I don't have any pictures to show of the event because I was enjoying myself so much!  Now that is a successful party!

My Mother's day was classic and filled with typical moments of a 5 and 3 year old.  Quick recap...
Lunch at Uncle Julios (not the Verybille Mexican Restaurant-which we heard objection to all the way there)
A spilled drink on a 5 year old's T-shirt (not good)
One 5 year old melt down
One 3 year old having an accident in her panties on the restaurant chair
A bus boy dropping dirty dished on our unfinished lunch. mmmmm
Let's just say, we got a free lunch and got the hell out of there.

I had a sad realization after visiting Anthropologie that I am not young anymore and
the prices seem absurd.

Good news... I will be teaching third grade in a school that is amazing and homey and only 15 minutes from my house.  We are talking quality of life changing!!!  I feel so lucky right now that I just may need to play the lottery this weekend.

Our life in a nutshell.