Friday, July 30, 2010

A day with Dinos and Julia's Kitchen

A day well spent at the Natural History Museum.  The conversation in the car on the way, went something like this...
Mary Kate , "Where are the dinosaurs Charlie"
Charlie, "The dinosaurs lived a long time ago Mary Kate.  A long time ago, like with the princes and princesses and dragons."
Charlie. "Mommy, if the dinosaurs come back, I will fight them because I am going to be Batman.  Did you know that there are two Batmans in Gotham city?"
Me, "There are two Batmans?"
Charlie, "Yeah silly, Batman and me."
Dinosaurs were a hit, the ever so famous elephant at the grand entrance of the Natural History Museum and of course the gift shop!
Mimi and I took a quick peek at Julia Child's kitchen that was a featured exhibit at the American History Museum.  So great and so much more to see at the Am. Hist. Museum.  May need and adult day for that!  

Just a few quotes from Julia
• How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like Kleenex?

Julia's Quote about American Food
• It's fun to get together and have something good to eat at least once a day. That's what human life is all about -- enjoying things.
Julia's quote about Friendship and Love.

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