Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The best day

I treated myself on my bday to a play at the Imaginarium Theater with two of the best dates ever.  How I became a Pirate was amazing, magical, funny and clever.   The kids and I had a ball and we finished our outing at my favorite place in the world.  IKEA!  We devoured meatballs with gravy and polished it all off with a sticky bun.
While sitting at the table, Charlie noticed a lot of babies running around.

He said, "I wish I had a baby.  Will God give us a baby?"
I said, "You have to ask God for a baby.  Sometimes he gives you one and sometimes he doesn't.  But I don't think mommy is ready to ask God for a baby."
He said, "Well maybe if you eat all these meatballs, you can have a baby!"

Oh sweet Charlie.  Yes, the meatballs were amazingly good but I am not sure there is that kind of magic behind them!

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