Friday, January 29, 2010

random events that made me feel better

I have been feeling good this week.  I read somewhere that January 17th/18th are the most depressed days of the year.  The peak for lack of seritonin and vitamin D. I was definitely feeling pretty slow last week.  I think we all were feeling it.  I think I started feeling better after a fondue book club.  I love this book club I am apart of.  There is no pressure to read a book, you get to choose from an array of books, chat with other mom friends and eat really great food! 
Charlie's bed was turned into a pirate ship  with a plank and achor by N. 
Nobody is more fun and hands-on that Charlie and Mary Kate's Dad
Benji's super hero party was a hit.  Who is under that transformer helmet?  (Thank you to the England's for lending the costumes)  MK went as superman.  She loves to run around the house with her blankie on her back yelling "ooperman"
You know those moments that make you crazy but laugh at the same time. 
My entire cabinet was emptied and thrown down the stairs by these two rascals
Just a few things that made me smile.  What makes you smile?

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  1. my kids...
    When Riley has a poop "blow out" and has to have a everytime Kendall or Riley poop Kendall tells me "oh, I need a tubby." or "Riley had big poop, time for tubby." This chain of events makes me crazy and smile all at the same time...especaially on those mornings I'm trying to get out the door to at a certain place at a set time!! Oh love'n it!