Monday, January 11, 2010

Cabin Fever

It is COLD!  This weekend we all got a bit of cabin fever.  Saturday evening we decided to take the kids bowling.  We arrived at the cosmic bowling alley and so did 4 other parties before us.  So... what do you do when you have to tell your three year old we aren't going to bowl afterall?  You take him through a car wash and then to Chick-Filet's indoor playground.  Yes, not what we expected but it worked.

Sunday was filled with stares out the window, painting, and my all-time favorite movie, My Neighbor Totoro.  The kids love Totoro and I LOVE TOTORO!  It is the sweetest movie I have ever seen.  There are no evil characters and the main characters are not brats nor do they have huge egos. 

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