Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

fresh mistltoe hunted down by big daddy

my sweet pea, have i ever mentioned how lucky i feel to have this little girl

twas the night before christmas and all through our house, daddy was reading, mommy wrapping as quiet as  mouse

the stockings were hung by the chimney with care and cookies for santa (daddy ate them, no fair)

thanks to a lovely idea on Etsy, handmade tags made for aunthentic looking gifts off of Santa's sleigh

thank you to Nana and Papa, Papa Don and Bonnie for making our morning extra special

my little man is "IN LOVE"! our santa unfortunately did not provide the biggest, the best, the fastest train. but his cousin's santa did and for a moment he got to experience the greatness.  we told him that his cousin is a little older and maybe next year when you are 4, santa will feel like your ready for the biggest, best and fastest train ever!  how can i deny him that?  however, it is really hard to keep up with the jone's or "the other  mccracken's".  tough life lessons for him and I!

Is that our savior? No, that would be uncle mike carrying a master piece created by my love.  nick put his heart in soul into this sign for his brother and sister-in-law.  on the other side it reads "Don't be a crab, or a waterman will get ya"  hopefully a nice new addition to their 'River House' !

Mccracken christmas dinner with 'crackers', flying surprises, crowns and jokes, added some great laughter to the table

it was a wonderfully, busy day.  my kids are overly blessed now with toys toys toys.  i was very proud of my charlie, he handled himself very well, politely said thank you and genuinely gave love to our generous relatives.   nick and i finally came to an agreement that we will speak to his family about putting an end to the adult gift giving.  i think that i am the charlie browniest of the family, but i would much rather have the kids exchange between eachother and have the adults put our money toward meaningful things like (bills, college savings, starving kids in africa, or military children).  i took a moment to myself on christmas eve, lit two candles for the lord and his son Jesus, thanked them for the happiness and love that i have in my life.  i prayed for daily guidance to find peace and joy, something that i still struggle to create and feel daily.  i hope your christmas was filled with happiness, love, peace and joy!

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  1. What a beautiful Christmas you had. All the children look captivated and thrilled! Merry winter vacation!