Wednesday, December 9, 2009

celebrating baby je-je

the nativity scene has been a wonderful little addition to our living room this holiday season.  patey has taken "baby je-je" under her wing and loves to hold and hide baby jesus.  the lovely scene has opened up all sorts of questions in charlie's little head.  where does baby jesus live mommy?   he lives in heaven charlie.  what is heaven mommy? heaven is a place where everyone is happy, kind and peaceful charlie.  do angel fly like birds mommy?  yes, charlie.  what do angels eat mommy? i am not sure charlie, ask daddy.  daddy, what do angels eat? annything they want charlie!

we spent tonight making christmas cards while our meatloaf cooked.  i love that charlie puts santa's legs and arms on his head.  we made rudolph, santa and trees.  step one to and eco-economical christmas. 

our days until christmas are counted and celebrated with two advent activities, placing a cotton ball on santa's beard and openning a door each day.  i struggled to find 24 little bitty treats that would fit into each door.  i finally came up with individual little trees for the kids' rooms and they can open a door and find an ornament to hang on their tree.  they love it, i love it and memories are being made.

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  1. I love your advent idea! It's very special to have your own tree. Merry Christmas to you and your family of angels!