Thursday, October 1, 2009


Just a few ideas I have been stealing from catalogues.  Fancy smancy catalogues that have items I will never be able to afford.  However, I can afford to steal their ideas and make them my own.  Check out these links of what is in store for the next few holidays!
A note from Santa

Autumn Fairy
The Autumn Fairy will hopefully happen.  If not this year, next year!

Happy October!  I love this month.  My sister Kelly's birthday, pumpkin carving party, soups, fall festivals!!

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  1. I LOVE your blog kristy! can we not mention my birthday though...hahah i don't want to turn 29! i learned in my nursing OB class today that the new age of at risk pregnancy moved up to 32 (not 35) WHAT! I want to stay 28 :) anyways... this is awesome! i love checking it and seeing my babies growing up! (your babies but mine too) i love you soooooo much! give everyone xoxooxoxo! miss you!