Monday, September 28, 2009

Save the soup, not the poop!

The past few days have hit me pretty hard. I could easily blog about all the bliss and joy I have had but in between all the bliss and joy there has been chaos in my life.

A lovely day in Kindergarten...soon over when we realize we are going on a field trip in less than two weeks and haven't sent a thing home SCRAMBLE, SCRAMBLE, SCRAMBLE! N says to go grocery shopping, he's got the kids. I have a brilliant idea to snag burritos from Moe's for dinner after the grocery store, so I can make this vege puree soup I have been dying to make for 3 weeks. I guess I just tried to do too much. This is what my evening looked and sounded like.

Kids talking, Mommy talking
Mommy, mommy you're home, yeah!!! Let's eat guys! What was your best of the day? Mommy cutting veges after veges while kids finish dinner. Daddy's mowing the lawn. I want to go outside! Cut veges, cut vege, cut some more veges. I want a snack, I want pretzels. More milk please Mommy. Mommy, there is a star in an apple. (Mommy was very excited that my boy new this). Let's make apple stamps with paint. Get paint out, stamp apples. Paint everywhere! Clean up paint. Cut veges, cut veges. Tub time. No Charlie, you need to take a bath with Patey. We don't have enough time. SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH. Mommy, Patey is splashing me! Saute veges, saute veges. Mommy, Mary Kate has POOP! Uuuuuugggghhhh!!! Patey, NO! You poopy on the potty! Get out of the tub, don't move, don't move! Uuuuuugggghhhh! Clean the tub. N, turn off the stove (soup). Scrub kids, scrub tub. Ready to lose it! Put TV show on for kids. Finish soup (almost, just need to puree). Rinse tub. Brush teeth, read stories, snuggle,  breathe and love my babes even when they poop in the tub.

I think I tried too much. I should have just not done another thing but chill after scrambling to get a field trip letter and information packet together. Lesson learned. Keep it simple!!! Save soup for the weekends.

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