Sunday, August 23, 2009

Save me Soulemama Sling

Yes, my baby is almost not a baby but I really wanted an excuse to try and make Soulemama's Baby Sling (featured in Homemade Home). I was in Target the other day with both kids and it was NOT going well. Peach is in that wonderful phase where there is no reasoning what-so-ever. She refused to sit in the cart and only wanted to be carried. I quickly problem-solved and went to the baby carrier isle. Yes, I swiped a sling off the shelf, opened the package and strapped my Peach on my side. When I got to the check-out, I soooo wrapped it back up and put it back in the package and told the lady I was not going to purchase the sling. Inspired by Amanda Blake Soule's crafty sling, I finally had a reason to make one. Peach will probably be grown out of it in two or three months or at least this lovely stage but for the next few months I will carry it with me where ever I go!

1 comment:

  1. lovely job there mama! that fabric, by the way, is beautiful! she looks very content to be so close to you, love the pictures.