Saturday, August 15, 2009

Island Time

We have just returned home from a week on Kelley's Island. We set sail last week to surprise my step dad with a Hawaiian 60th birthday party on wheels. We successfully surprised Greg and brought some much needed rain to the Island too! It was a great beginning to a beautiful week on the Island.
It wouldn't be a vacation for myself if I left there with out some form of medical condition. Yes, by Tuesday I finally was able to see something other than the four walls of the bathroom. Our days included golf cart rides into town for shopping or for N, walleye bites at the local Pump. We jumped from Sandy Beach to Rock Beach, and hit the jet ski for some action. My two children have to be the only children out there that have fallen asleep on a jet ski. Yes, out like a light! Wish I had the camera for that one!
Each day was ended with a home cooked meal by Nana and of course topped off by Papa T's ice cream. Our Tinker Bell settle for snow cones. Later in the evening once the peeps were off to bed, my brother, sister-in-law, N and I would find time to wind down, laugh and gripe.
With four kids under the age of 5, there was not much R&R. I did not finish the one book I had hoped to read and I lacked sleep for a week. But there were more moments this week that made me smile than there were moments that made me grumble. So, I consider our time on the Island successful and memorable!
Kelley's Island is really like no other place!

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