Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Dear Peachy,
I love your sweet baby smell and frizzy bed head when you wake up. I love chasing you and hearing you giggle. I do not like it when you take your diaper off and go to the bathroom on the floor. I love that you sleep with two B's. I am worried about your tummy and promise that we will fix it! I want you to be a strong, confident and sincere little girl. I want you to know God and feel God. I will miss our days together during the week and I will long for story time and weekends. I love you!
Dear Punky,
I love your smile and laugh. I love snuggling up next to you and touching noses. I love your face when Daddy is telling you crazy stories. I love your three year old words (except when you are feisty) I do not like it when you are mean to your sister. I love it when you get her out of bed and say, "good morning Patey girl"! I love your love to learn (letters/letter sounds/nature/transportation/the world). I sometimes get annoyed by your question "WHY?" I love when you fake laugh. I am worried that I don't give you enough attention. I am worried that you are aggressive and impulsive because of me. I want to teach you to solve problems peacefully. I want you to be a strong, confident, kind and sincere little boy. I want you to know God and feel God. I will miss our sword fights and Peter Pan adventures. I love you!
Dear N,
Another school year is about to begin and you remind me every year that all the worrying inside my belly helps nothing. Even though I never listen to you, please keep telling me that. But please understand that it will probably never stop. With each year I grow as a teacher, mom and wife. Thank you for a wonderful summer. I am thankful that we are finally on the same page as parents. It only took us three years but better than 20! I love the stories you tell Charlie. I love that Charlie wants to snuggle with you now (after 3 years of mommy 24/7) it is a nice breather. I love how you fold laundry, please do more of that this school year. I love your 11 second hugs. I love you!

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