Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Play by Play

Here's a play by play of a typical Tball game.  Charlie steps up to bat.  He plays in the dirt.  He swings at the ball on the tee.  It is a hit.  He runs to first base and high fives his friend from school and plays in the dirt.  He runs the bases as the next few balls are hit and plays in the dirt.  He slides into home and plays in the dirt some more.  Out in the field, Charlie is at shortstop.  Ronnie is on second.  Charlie goes for a grounder.  Ronnie comes from behind and tackles Charlie. They start rolling around in the dirt.  They get up.  The next hit is to third. Charlie, the  first baseman, the second basemen, and the pitcher all go for the grounder.  They all fight to get the ball.  The third basemen perseveres and runs the ball to home play.  Charlie and the other players go back to playing in the dirt! Yep, that sums it up folks.

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