Monday, May 28, 2012

My "Great Kid" had field day!

I am so glad Mary Kate's Daycare closed for inservice day on field day.  Not only did I get to help out at the "Angry Bird" station, I also got to see my little man receive the Clarke County Great Kid Award.   I laughed while watching him sit impatiently to receive his great kid award and thought to myself, while in someways he has grown so much in kindergarten and other ways, well... we have a ways to go.  LOL!  He is a true reader and math machine.  Charlie is enthusiastic about learning and the way the world works.  It is just when the world doesn't work the way he wants it to, life becomes very difficult. I love him so much and I love the passion he shows about everything that he does!  That is something that comes from within and it is not easy to teach.  As for my little field day helper, she came close to her first bout with Poison ivy but we escaped that by the skin of our teeth.  She decided to play hide-and-seek behind a tree covered with Poison! Yikes, a shower with Dawn dish soap seemed to do the trick.  My little girl is anxious to start kindergarten but will be going to preschool one more year.  I say that with a little exasperation but deep down know that she is not ready to enter standard driven public schools.  She is still very much in her "fairy land" of princesses, tea parties, birthday parties and playing little mama. She doesn't have anytime in her head to worry about academics because it is clouded by all the pretty things she sees in the world.  And then wants to paint them, color and dance about them!  I love her too.  I am proud to be the parents of my two beautiful children, who I love with all my heart.  They are a perfect combination of my love Nick and I.  As parents we are balancing each other out and tackling one of the hardest jobs we have ever done.  Doing the best we can each day to love them, laugh with them and scold them if need be, lol! I am in love with our family!

I especially love this picture of my husband.  
I am so glad he is mine to have and to hold, for better or for worse...

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