Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moving on..and growing up!

Finally decided to put the house on the market!  We were feeling the confines of our space and lack of bathrooms.  In order to spare disappointment (superstitions), I am cautious to disclose future prospects of our home and sale of our house.  But I will update as soon as we sign papers.
Charlie was initially concerned with moving.  He was adamant about not moving from our house.  Until one day he said, "I am really going to miss all my toys when we move."  I then realized he thought we would leave everything, so sweet and naive.  More to come, hopefully sooner than later!

On another note...I wanted to take a moment to document my daughter's imagination.  She is quite the story teller and there are times she has me in a state of wonderment.
Her boo boo's come from wild animals in the forest.

She had a scratch on her leg.  Her explanation.
"Mommy, that is from the bear.  I am serious.  I was was walking down the road in Round Hill and I heard a thump thump thump.  I looked and there was this baby bear, Mommy.  Really,  it bit me.  So I put my bear costume on and I scared it away.  I am serious Mommy"

Her day with Mimi.  Her explanation.
"Oh Mommy, I found a family of mice.  They were so toot (cute).  I played with the kids.  I put the kids in my wagon and I took them down the street. We went to Ms. France's store and I brought them back to their mommy and daddy.  We all had a tea party, with the mice, Really Mommy!"

Our first dance class!

Charlie's school experience has been nothing but wonderful!  We hit a bus bump last week when and older kid persuaded my sweet little boy to trade toys.  Fortunately, it was an even trade but mama was not having it!  Uggghhh, the first of feeling completely out of control of your child's day and interactions.    Charlie has a new found love in kindergarten.  A girl who loves to run, jump and play superheroes!!!


  1. Will thought the same exact thing on our first move! Ah - the mind of a child! Glad Charlie found his "batgirl"!

  2. So cute! I didn't realize you had a blog. I will now follow you in my google reader.

    I hope you are well; I was just mentioning you to a friend and she knows you and your dh! Small world :)

    xo June