Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Beginnings

As we say farewell to a wonderful summer...
My life is faced with new beginnings this week and the weeks to come.  Mama started a new school.  It has been like walking into a brand new family and I feel like they have welcomed me with open arms.  Charlie starts Kindergarten next week.  As if the heart tugs of a working mom or being a mom in general are not hard enough, we have to send our little 5 year olds on a big yellow school bus with big kids and a big backpack and lots of food because he is there all day and I just know there will be tears because there already has been.  I just want to freeze time for my kids in the moments when they are filled with pure joy and giggling with excitement about starting school.  I feel like I am sending my boy into the world saying, " Ok, now use everything good I have taught you and don't show your mama's temper, at least not the first week.  And just be kind to other people, be helpful and listen."
I love my smart, inquisitive little man and I think that Kindergarten is going to be a magical place for him!  My sweet little angle starts her preschool career this fall also.  I think after Charlie got his shots for Kindergarten, Mary Kate expressed "I don't have to go to Kindergarten for a long long time".  I am glad she is not in a rush.  I wouldn't be either if I had to watch my brother get held down, while he was kicking and screaming and shot with the DTap.
Mary Kate is equally excited to start her new dance career at a new studio.  I am happy that I get to take her on Saturday mornings and I feel like I need this special girly time with my girl.  Just a few things that I love hearing...

Charlie, "Mommy, mommy.....pause....I love you"
Mary Kate "Bomatoes (tomatoes)"
Charlie and Mary Kate " It's just that we want to go where the coconuts are.  It's just that we have never had coconut milk mommy."


  1. I was thinking of you today and wish you and your family lots of fun times this school year! Owen and I will come visit you at EES!

  2. I hope Charlie's first year is as good of an experience as my little Will's! Wishing you the best of luck at your new school!!! They are truly blessed to have you there!