Thursday, November 25, 2010

Keeper Crafts

The following crafts are certainly keepers.  Kathleen had the kids paint paper and recycled paper towel tubes.  She then traced their hands and cut them out, glued them on the front and back of a cut tube and added turkey parts.  Adorable, can be used at napkin ring holders, simple table decorations or even salt and pepper shaker covers.
My other favorite craft this season was a hit in my kindergarten and at home.  A simple recycled baby food jar, old flannels, some ribbon and a label, make a perfect little "Gratitude Jar".  The kids wrote all of the things they are thankful for or show gratitude toward on pieces of paper and folded them up into the jar.  Voila, a simple keepsake.  My children included all of our family members, friends, fruit, apples, strawberries and let's not forget Superman and Batman!

 Happy Thanksgiving to all readers and loved ones.  I am thankful for my warm home, beautiful trees that surround my house, understanding friends,  unconditional love from my family and husband and the spirit of each of my children.  

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