Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Cowboy Frog

Charlie boy is four!  He requested a cowboy frog cake from his Mimi.  I requested no artificial colors or flavors.  Mimi was certainly challenged with the green icing!  She did it and it was delicious.  Charlie man was overjoyed and overtired.  We learned to not have a four year old party at the end of the day.  Made for a rough bedtime.  Charlie slept with his new pirate ship from Nana and hasn't put it down since.
At four, Charlie...

is curious (God, strangers, volcanoes, earthquakes, seasons, time)
is cautious
is an attention seeker
is creative
is a follower
is smart
loves bubble gum (Glee Gum)
loves pirates
will be playing soccer
is funny
"Nathan is bigger than me.  We weigh the same size."

I am crazy about this little boy and I rush home to see him everyday!  I love you Charlie boy!

Just a little pic of little miss and her new habit and new hair.

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