Sunday, March 14, 2010

making a shift

i was diagnosed with psoriasis, uggghhh. have been battling dry, itchy scaly, red, scabby skin for years now.  i am finally getting relief thanks to a wonderful dermatologist Dr. Kahn and a gluten free diet.  a major shift for a pizza and sandwhich lover.  it hasn't been as bad as i thought and the relief i have and overall great feeling is worth it.  so.. what am i eating?
lots of fruits and veges
lean meats
hummus, cheese, rice/corn based tortillas, egg whites, smoothies
thank goodness potato chips are gluten frree
kix and organic corn flakes
nuts and beans
*fish is a really important food that i have yet to aquire a taste.  any suggestions?

made a huge trader joe's run and i am feeling good.  i have not been tested for a gluten intolerance but gluten is the number one thing suggested to eliminate from your diet if you are having inflammation issues inside or out.  we'll see..

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