Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween, Happy Birthday and HOPE

Our Halloween was spent on a scenic steam engine in Maryland.  A day to certainly remember.  Both good and bad.  A few unexpected challenges along the way up the mountain, made for a very long day.  However, the kids slept the way home and woke-up just in time to Trick or Treat.  Mary Kate said a lot of, " I a bug!  I do it"  Charlie did a lot of explaining to Mary Kate the process of Trick or Treating (such a good little man).
Happy Birthday Patey Girl.  My girl turns 2!  And man, is she 2!  Loves her "pretties" (barretts, necklaces, shoes).  Instead of blowing out her candles, she decided to touch the flame.  Big bro had to show her how it was done and he was happy to have a moment about him that day.  The first true signs of jealousy were apparent in Charlie boy.  Oh, those tough lessons in life.  What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.

However, there are moments in life that test our ability to cope, understand and have patience.  N was let go from his job this week.  While it was not a surprise, reality is quickly setting in and an overwhelming feeling has come over the both of us.  I am reminded daily as I look at this beautiful purple flower that appeared on Tuesday, this is a true sign of happiness for N.  This small plant sits on our windowsill and has been there for about 6 years.   I have always found them to be a bit strange and somewhat of a nuisance.  N, however, loves them and tends to them weekly.  Never, in 6 years of their existence in our home, has it ever bloomed.  Yes, the dark day of losing one's job, also may open a window or door to a bright new future ahead.  I have to believe that N's future is bright and that it will all come together for him and our family.  Nick, I love you and I believe in you!

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  1. Hi teach! I am thinking about you guys. Your words are so true--brighter times are ahead :)