Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hit the floor and keep on running

5am- shower, dress, make coffee
secret-I go to bed getting really excited about my coffee in the morning
530, me time, kiss my hubby good-bye, blog
secret-my favorite kiss of the day from hubby is at 545 am
6, good morning world
secret-I love kissing my kids when they are still asleep
7, on the road with 2 babes, Diego or Calliou
secret-my favorite thing in the car is Patey dancing and bopping her head
730, welcome first grade
secret-first grade smiles are the best (toothless)
9, teaching of reading
secret-there is no other feeling like watching a child absorb and understand what he has read
11, teaching of math
secret-hands-on is the only way
20 minute lunch
145 breathe a little
400 home with my kids
secret-sometimes I don't mind a rainy day, lounge inside and play trains or puzzles

530 dinner rush secret-taco night is my favorite with Margaritas or beer

7-8 bedtime routine secret-my snuggle time is precious, but I am certain that my 3 year old knows how to"work me"

8 my time, nick time, reading, blogging, crafting, vegging

930 asleep sad, I know!

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  1. love to know your secrets! you know i'm taking notes girl :)