Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break Begins

We began our adventures in our Nation's Capital for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Daddy, Mommy, Patey, Charlie, a packed-dairy-free lunch, snacks, camera, gatorador, Charlie's sword, Bink's and the double stroller (Daddy now knows why I spent a fortune on a back to back double stroller, rather than a side to side). Thanks to Uncle Bob and Aunt Priscilla, we had a worry free time parking in the city. We took the red line to the blue and watched in amazement to Charlie's excitement about the trains. He was in heaven, at first reserved by mommy's lap but soon swinging on the germ infested poles. We arrived and were taken back by the millions of people but most of all the beauty of the cherry blossoms and the crystal clear blue sky! The kids ran the mall and chased kites, while Patey made a new K9 friend. Ma and Pa were dying of thirst and did coin toss to stand in line for a fresh squeezed lemonade. We were borderline meltdown hour and the lines at the Japanese festival were crazy. We took a chance and I stood in line for 20 minutes for each of us to get one sip and then hand it over to the winy three year old in front of the stroller. Charlie downed that lemonade and left us with ice. We looked at each other and both agreed bad choice on the lemonade! We were about to switch from the blue line to the red when in the middle of Metro Center the three year old spoke, "Mommy, I have to go pee pee." What the hell were we supposed to do. Running through Metro Center, no one on duty, fare card expired and no bathroom in sight. Uggggg! It was at that moment our three year began the potty dance and the lemonade cup saved us. Yes, I am not proud of the fact that we hid behind a metro sign and allowed our son to pee in the very cup we had dreaded just 5 minutes prior. There he was tiny little hiny, refilling the lemonade cup. Fewwwww! We made it! Cheeks pink from the sun, legs tired but happy from walking and 2 very sleepy babies in the back seat!

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