Thursday, December 29, 2011


From Thanksgiving to Christmas a warm home with family.  Funny highlights included...
Mary Kate yelling to Santa on the roadside because she refused to get out of the car out of fear.
Charlie getting cut off by the other people in line while talking to Santa about his long, long, long list. 
Charlie's proud moment as Rudolph in the school Winter Show.  His singing talent was showed off at his sister's Nativity show while he sung above the whole audience out of tune and the wrong verses.  Mary Kate also had a proud moment as an angel and we were just glad that she stood on stage and smiled considering she refused to sing the Thanksgiving prayer dressed as pilgrim.  Our over excitement about our tall ceilings led to us having to cut about two feet off our Christmas tree (that was tied to the family Sedan).  Can you say Chevy Chase...

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  1. I am laughing so hard about the christmas tree incident! My hubby and I watch that movie every christmas eve while we get all the stuff ready for the kiddos. Love the highlights of the holiday - the kiddos are so darn cute! HOpe you had a great time off!