Thursday, February 24, 2011

say what?

My latest parenting push seems to be foreign languages.  After talking with a good friend, it seems that we both feel like a second language would benefit our children.  I was inspired by a family I used to babysit in college.  There little Hannah was 3 and learning German.  They used a series called, Muzzy.   I found it entertaining and she laughed at way more German humor than I did.  Currently the kids are watching Muzzy in Mandarin Chinese.  When I told Charlie that he was going to learn a secret language called Chinese he said,
"Will I look different?"
I laughed!

Just another funny thang,
Daddy was eatin' Mary Kate up, nibble, nibble because she is so edible.  He said, "I am going to eat you up, you taste so good."
She says, "No, No Daddy, I'm not for dinner"
I laughed again!

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