Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And he carved the roast beast...

Even the Grinch learned to be nice.  Not only did the Grinch's heart grow but my Charlie boy's heart is beginning to grow too.  He is currently earning back his toys one by one with days of self-control.  Nick and I were pleasantly surprised to learn that he is at least practicing self-control at school.  According to his teacher he is doing fine, just tends to be a little too loud, too fast and too close to his peers at times.  That would be my Charlie.  We also decided to give this little guy a challenge and put him with some kindergarten students on T/TH afternoons.
Always hoping that I make the right decisions when it comes to my children.  I guess a mother's job never ends.  But I wouldn't change it for the world.
Last day of school before the holidays.  Looking forward to the following...

Christmas morning
Christmas dinner with Mom and Greg
Discovery Museum's New Years at Noon
Watching some movies
Snuggling with my babies in the mornings!

First Snow!!!

The lunar eclipse.  Taken by Nick at 3am.  Yes, he set the alarm!

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