Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town! We hope!

The following conversation occurred between Charlie and Kathleen.

Charlie (out of the blue): For christmas I want- a spider man toy, an iron man toy, a volcano, batman castle and batman cave.
Kathleen: wow, thats alot for santa to bring.  Do you think he can bring all that.
Charlie: Yes!  He has a HUGE sack.
Kathleen: Yes  but he only birngs things to really good boys and girls.  Are  you going to be good.
Charlie: I m only going to be good on Christmas Eve!
Kathleen: Really,  You need to be good all the time.
Charlie:  Im only going to be good on Christmas Eve and snowy days!

Tonight was not a snowy day or Christmas Eve and I had one bad little boy on my hands.  It could be a long winter!!  

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  1. let's start crossing our fingers for a snowy winter then! does Charlie realize that Christmas is soon?