Friday, June 25, 2010

A fly on our wall

So if you were a fly on our wall today... you would have seen

coffee at 6am
two year old watching Peter Pan
Pee on the floor twice
uneaten cereal from breakfast
laundry that has not been put away
a broken vacuum (darn Bissell) and those of you who know me, know that is just downright awful
A party in the bathroom (I think I am party training not potty training) PS- I quit!! So does Mary Kate!!
a dusty walk to the mailbox (cough, cough, spit)
one bed turned into a pirate ship with a hand-painted flag by Captain Hook himself
several fights and pushes
one completed hundreds board and pic pac tack board (go here to order) they are great!
a shower and shave (believe it or not)
peanut butter in a bowl for lunch
Gluten-free pizza for mama
one UPS drop off from BabyJay (the best little white clothes in the world)
2 sleeping babes for nap


Is it 5 O'Clock yet, it is somewhere...right?

Pics from our day

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