Monday, May 10, 2010


soo.. I have really been struggling with what to eat these day.  After going Gluten Free and after watching the movie Food Inc., I just am not liking food and they are right, "I just haven't looked at my dinner the same".  But the real problem is that  I just don't enjoy cooking.  You see there is a lot of great food out there... if you prepare it well.  This is my new solution for coming up with ideas for dinners and lunches.  There is this great local shop called Lockes Store, they serve home-made lunches and dinners that use a lot of local products (grass-fed beef/pasture raised chicken).  I am just going to steal their ideas for the week and see if that satisfies my stomach and my family's.  I have been purchased grass-fed beef from the local markets and chicken/cheese from Fields of Athenry Farm.  I will just use the local goods and steal the food ideas from the local store. Wish me luck.

Lunch Menu-
avacado/havarti cheese sandwiches/fruit/chips
Dinner-(all served with a side of veges)
chicken BBQ sandwiches
Beef/bean burritos
Potato leek soup and salad
Ham/swiss sandwiches

PS-I did make some awesome Gluten Free cookies.  Use Pamela's Mix, add some sugar, lots of Choc. Chips and pecans.  Yuuuummmm!

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