Sunday, February 14, 2016

The last six months in a nutshell

We currently have a fourth grader, second grader and 7 month old.  Life is well...hectic.  We cherish the days at home when we don't have to run to practice, games, helmet appointments and run errands. Charlie is currently obsessed with Harry Potter and casts spells on all of us.  He wants to live in England, meet Daniel Ratcliff and attend Hogwarts school for wizards.  If I could make a broomstick fly for him, I would!!  I love his passion and imagination.  He googles things like, the different grits of sandpaper, how silos work, what you call a twelve and sixteen sided figure...He devours knowledge and I am in awe of him.
I am in awe of Mary Kate ability to love life.  She has so much love and kindness to give in this world.  She has taken the role of Mason's second mom and loves him with all her heart.  Mary Kate continues to keep a positive attitude despite her challenges at school.  She keeps her spirit going and doesn't let anything get her down.  If only I could have a small dose of this. I adore her!
Mason is currently working on 2 teeth, rolling all over the place, eating everything and rounding out his head.  The helmet is working!!! He adjusted to it like champ, just like he adjusts to everything in this world with such ease. I can't wait to see Mason grow, I wonder if he will always be this easygoing!  I could just eat him up with every piece of me!

Blizzard 2016-35 inches of snow!!

Friday, December 18, 2015

What Joy!!

This little guy continues to bring such joy to our family.  He is 5 months old.  He has started eating real food, he loves to jump in his Johnny Jumper and drools all day long!  He had a visit to Children's Hospital to assess his very flat head.  He will be wearing a helmet to help round it out click here. He will rock his little helmet, if any baby can handle it, Mason can!!  

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our sweet angel!

Mason Walker McCracken was born on July 15, 2015.  He was 8 lbs 10oz and 21 1/2 inches long.  This sweet boy has brought more joy to our lives than we could ever imagine.  As Mary Kate said, "I am so happy that God made you happen." We snuggle him, tickle him, kiss him and even watch him sleep.  Thank you God for making this little man happen!!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Oh baby!!

A lot has changed over the last year.  A new addition will be joining our family in just 2 weeks!  Baby bean McCracken came as a surprise in October.  It took a few months to actually realize what exactly was happening to our lives but the love for this baby has grown so big over the last few months we are crazy excited to meet this new little one that has got to be destined for greatness!!
Hi baby bean, you are so cute!  

MK, "I just love this baby so much" 

Mom, "Whoa baby, you are a wiggly one"

Charlie, "Babies are like yo yos, slinkies and chewing just can't get enough of them.  I just love them!"

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Look at us now!

All Grown Up!!  
There is still a magical spirit in our home.  Land of make believe every day and creation.  I love the spirit of each of my children.  I love watching them grow and navigate this crazy world we live in.  Mary Kate navigates with pure happiness and joy.  Charlie navigates while analyzing and takes caution.  I continue to find balance daily but have learned to take the happiness of my children as a sign of having a really great life!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

"Ketchup" time

Sorry for the lack of posts (especially for Papa).  Life got a hold of me once again.  To wrap up our spring:
Baseball was a "hit" charlie made some plays, hits some doubles and learned how to eat sunflower seeds.
Dance was adorable as ever and Mary Kate has no intentions of giving it up.  However, she did express interest in soccer.  There is some hope!
Our little preschool graduate received "Most Fashionable" for preschool.  Our little diva will be heading to kindergarten in the fall dressed in her best!
Nick and I continue to be slaves to our home and are always trying our best to make our happy home more suitable to our needs.  Leaking roof and all!!
Last year/This year

 Last year...

MK before the big haircut!!

last year/this year

 How could I forget Charlie's Oscar night on the red carpet. Great fundraiser for first grade!!

They love posing for pics!!  Thanks bro!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7 year old Ninjago

My boy, my sweet ninjago obsessed little seven year old.  This never ending celebration of Charlie's birthday was a success.  It began with the handmade ninja pinata!  I need to find a happy medium between store bought, impossible to break open pinatas and handmade bust open on the 4th whack kind of pinatas.  Regardless, the ninja head was "epic"! This party rocked, between the "Eye-Spy the Lego Guy", "Lego Man Hunt" and the individual little packs of legos, the kids had a blast! Charlie's friends were so generous to add to his pile of legos that would soon turn into what we call in this house a several hour "Lego Coma".  I loved seeing my boy so happy and he was so kind to include a little girl for his sister.  Lillian and Mary Kate kept each other company and content among all the boys.  My mom was there to witness again another party and was a huge help.  Charlie's birthday on the 6th brought almost a foot of snow and this little guy's wish came true, a day home from school!!

Happy Birthday my sweet little buddy.  I love your drive, your passion and all of your obsessions.  I love that you dive head first into everything you love.  I love the way your mind works and how your wheels are always turning.  I love that you don't settle for "just because".  I love your hugs, I love you more than anything.